Child and Family Psychologist Dr. Michael Hohn

MikeHohnHomeExperienced, caring, professional Child and Family Psychologist Dr. Michael Hohn offers positive family guidance and assistance services to children and their families in the greater Portland OR area.

With over 3 decades of experience helping children and their families, Dr. Hohn can help your child succeed in his or her school environment, with friends and teachers and be happy and well adjusted at home. Dr. Hohn offers a range of counseling, testing and family support services for you and your child.

parenting3Dr. Hohn works with children and families helping them with a variety of issues. As a licensed  psychologist Dr. Hohn provides child and adolescent psychotherapy services to children coping with school adjustment, chronic medical conditions, developmental and learning disorders, child adjustment to divorce, emotional conditions such as anxiety and other related behavior problems.

Empowering parents to relate effectively with their children is a cornerstone of Dr. Michael Hohn’s practice as a child and family psychologist. As an experienced child psychologist, Dr. Michael Hohn provides professional parenting services that help parents develop appropriate, positive, responses to their child’s behavioral problems.

Sometimes a child will have a specific problem in school that needs to be identified and addressed before they can reach their full potential. An experienced former school psychologist, Dr. Hohn is familiar with the problems a child can face in a school setting. He helps parents resolve these problems in a variety of ways including visiting the school, talking with teachers and administrators and developing a specific plan to help remedy the problems your child is experiencing in school. Providing effective school consultation for family/parent support is a specialty that requires the kind of experience and caring guidance that Dr. Hohn has provided his clients for over 30 years.

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